Verbs: commands and orders

In imaginary life of an average orc, phrases he would hear more often are commands and orders. While dictionaries of many real-world languages have infinitives as the basic verb form, in Nûrlâm's dictionary it is the imperative to reflect that stereotype about orcs' life. You will notice that Nûrlâm's dictionary has verbs ending with hyphen. It means that verbs usually have a lot of suffixes attached to the stem, but for commands and orders you don't need them much: just use the stem (without hyphen).

Example: there's entry “gimb-” in dictionary translated with infinitives in English and Russian. To form a command “find!” you shall use just the verb stem without hyphen: “gimb!”.

New words

  • bin (stand up)
  • dog (kill, slay)
  • duz (sit down)
  • gashn (say, speak, tell)
  • ghâsh (burn)
  • gimb (find)
  • grish (cut, cleave)
  • irz (run away, flee, escape)
  • kât (lie down, rest)
  • kin (behold, see)
  • krimp (bind, tie)
  • lor (sleep)
  • mauk (fight)
  • nâkh (bite)
  • puzg (stop, halt)
  • skât (come, approach, arrive)
  • thrak (bring [by force], hale, drag)
  • throg (give)
  • throkh (eat)
  • ukh (go, walk)

Using objects

For more specific commands you may want to specify objects. Nouns are not changed when used as objects.

Examples: “slay the dragon!” = “dog lûgum!”, “find seven rings!” = “gimb udug nazg!”.

Exercise 1

Translate into Nûrlâm:

  1. behold ten thousands warriors
  2. burn the tower
  3. bring seven rings
  4. cut two eyes
  5. fight the dragon
  6. find some water
  7. kill the elves
  8. say no shit
  9. sleep a lot
  10. stop the water

show answers

show answers

  1. kin nukmink mauh
  2. ghâsh lugum / ghâsh za lug
  3. thrak udug nazg
  4. grish krul hont
  5. mauk lûgum / mauk za lûg
  6. gimb mûd nîn
  7. dog za golug
  8. gashn nar push
  9. lor mak
  10. puzg nînum / puzg za nîn

Exercise 2

Translate from Nûrlâm into English:

  1. bin agh mauk
  2. dog mak olog
  3. duz agh kât
  4. ghâsh za push
  5. krimp tarkum
  6. nâkh golug
  7. skât agh kin
  8. throg skri nazg
  9. throkh ash uruk
  10. ukh mak

show answers

show answers

  1. stand up and fight
  2. slay many trolls / kill many trolls / slay a lot of trolls / kill a lot of trolls
  3. sit down and rest
  4. burn this shit / burn the shit / burn these excrements
  5. tie the human / bind the man / tie the man / bind the human
  6. bite the elf / bite an elf / bite the elves / bite elves
  7. come and see
  8. give eight rings
  9. eat an orc / eat one goblin / eat one orc / eat a goblin
  10. walk a lot

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