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This site is dedicated to conlang called Nûrlâm (“Scholar language”) inspired by Black Speech, the language created by J.R.R. Tolkien for his “The Lord Of The Rings” book. But vocabulary was very small and almost none grammar rules were given. That's why several Neo Black Speech dialects made by Tolkien's fans appeared. Nûrlâm is just one of them, but trying hard to be as close as possible to Tolkien's works (and even some new canonical information was discovered during it's creation process).

Introduction from Un4givenOrc

Creation of another Black Speech dialect was the least thing I wanted to do when I was launching Black Speech School site. My objectives were to collect information about existing dialects (with emphasis on Shadowlandian by Scatha) in one place and provide some additional remarks absent in original pages. Many sources become unavailable at that time, which was also the reason of starting However with time I've started to put remarks expanding original Scatha's lessons and even make some new. This along with discovery of new information in Tolkien's sources had led to some contradictions with original Shadowlandian and gave birth to this new dialect.

The information on this site is NOT CANONICAL
and is not related to Orcish languages used in Peter Jackson's movies either.
Please visit the page “Canon” for information related to Tolkien's canon.
Everything else is made up by fans.

Recent changes

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