This site is dedicated to Black Speech, the language of Orcs, Nazgûl and all other inhabitants of Mordor.

I am not a graduated linguist, nor most of used works' authors are, but just a fan of Tolkien's works and languages. Therefore you can encounter some inaccurate wordings and terms on these pages, nevertheless my approach was as deep as possible.

At first, I haven't tried to invent a 'bicycle' (read as 'my own dialect'), only to revise and translate existing dictionaries. Initially the dialect here was a derivative of Shadowlandian (LOS). But then I started to expand original lessons and dictionary, and then discovered updated canonical information which lead to contradictions with original Shadowlandian, and gave birth to my own new dialect 'Nûrlâm'.

This site wouldn't exist without Scatha, Lugrekh, The Second Nazgul, TwoAxesDwarf. I appreciate your work. Hail to thee! I also want to thank Björn Axén for his fresh approach on Black Speech and 'Ulkgashnog' for his critique and suggestions.


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