Black Speech School – Shadowlandian Dialect

WARNING: You're in the legacy section of Black Speech School site.

This site was started as a mirror for Black Speech section of The Land Of Shadow portal which had it's own dialect called Shadowlandian (abbreviated as LOS, self-name: “Uzg Burgûlu-ob”), created by Scatha. There were added later clarifications and extensions by other contributors to this dialect, with which official site was not updated, brief information about other fan dialects, dictionary of all Neo Black Speech dialects by Lugrekh of Red Hand LARP group and translations of all these materials into Russian. With time I have added my own clarifications into the Lessons, made corrections and additions to Lugrekh's Dictionary, mirrored other pages related to Black Speech. But the site remained mostly a derivative of Shadowlandian version of Black Speech without attempt to make my own dialect (there were already too many of them).

I was unaware and then didn't have a copy of “Parma Eldalamberon” journal's issue 17, published in 2007, after all original material was compiled here. It contained an analysis of Ring Inscription by J.R.R. Tolkien himself, relevant quotations from his Letters, with comments by Christopher Tolkien and Carl F. Hostetter. This information contradicted all previous fans' analyses of Black Speech.

The discovery of PE17 together with significant amount of my own additions, my and other people's dissatisfaction with Shadowlandian's contradictions and growing respect to J.R.R. Tolkien's canonical works have started a process of creation of new dialect called “Nûrlâm” (“Scholar Language” in Shadowlandian) in 2018.

Therefore these Lessons now became obsolete, however a dictionary is still useful for translation from/to other Neo Black Speech dialects.

Random word
asht  n
bone; skeleton