Black Speech

  • Ardalambion – Helge Kåre Fauskanger collected information about all languages of Arda and made linguistic analysis of them. He prefers Quenya of course, but his Black Speech analysis was taken as a base for creating LOS dialect.
  • Arda Philology 1 – Proceedings of the First International Conference on J.R.R. Tolkien's Invented Languages.
  • Khuzdûl Dhe Aglâb Khazâd – perfect russian-language source about language of Middle-Earth dwarves.



ringlord  2013-07-12, 03:14:21

I had a question about your Online Translator... is it a Black Speech Translator? I have always wanted to host one on Mordor but could never figure out a way to do it... the closest that I was able to get, was our Orc Name Generator... which we have at this link... Get Your Orc Name

ringlord  2013-07-12, 03:52:16

I finished creating the post about our update to the BS pages... here is the link... I imagine it's very late there, so you won't see this until you wake up tomorrow! … ech-pages/

Un4givenOrc  2013-07-12, 14:39:03

No, it's not a real translator but online dictionary based on Orcish-English-Russian dictionary hosted here. However when translating from Black Speech it tries to detect grammatical form (currently only verb tense)

I've laways wondered how Orc Name Generator works. Results seem like random word from dictionary, sometimes containing letters from real name.

And many thanks for posting the link on your site!

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