Welcome to the Black Speech School, the place where you can learn the language of Orcs, Nazgûls and other Mordor's inhabitants.

If you are interested only in Tolkien's canonical Black Speech I advise you to read the article “Canonical”.

If you don't mind against fans' additions (Neo Black Speech, Neo-Orcish), start with Dialects page to understand where various dictionaries and grammatic rules used in this site have come from.

The site was changed recently, so if you're looking for older version, it was moved to Shadowlandian section.

Random quotation
“ The Cirth in their older and simpler form spread eastward in the Second Age, and became known to many peoples, to Men and Dwarves, and even to Orcs, all of whom altered them to suit their purposes and according to their skill or lack of it.

LOTR III, Appendix E, II: Writing, p. 1468


2022-04-27   Tengwar and Cirth transcriber


Black Speech School now features a Tengwar and Cirth transcriber! It was intended for Black Speech only, but can transliterate also Quenya, Sindarin and Slavic languages written in Cyrillic script.

Теперь в Школе Чёрной Речи есть сервис для транскрипции в Тенгвар и Кирт! Он предназначен в первую очередь для Чёрного Наречия, но возможна также транслитерация Квеньи, Синдарина и Славянских языков, использующих Кириллицу. Возможно также преобразование кириллицы в глаголицу.


2022-02-24   Poll: future of Black Speech School site and new dialect


Please take part in the survey about future of new Neo Black Speech dialect, announced earlier!

Примите участие в опросе о будущем нового диалекта Чёрного Наречия!

I'm making a new dialect of Neo-Black Speech since 2018. It is almost finished, but it's not perfect. There are tricky parts of grammar and syntax left without examples (like grammatical Mood and direct speech). Dictionary currently has about 1100 words. It was a huge amount of work done, including two massive re-works after discovering new information, so I'm a bit exhausted and want to take a pause and focus on my other hobbies and projects. What should I do finish before publishing it?


2021-10-27   Big Update

  1. In preparation for publishing the new dialect the structure of site was significantly changed. As previous information became obsolete many pages were moved to Shadowlandian section.

  2. The page about dialects was rewritten

  3. The dictionaries were updated according to MERP source books. Please note, that after a rebuild old direct links to files are no longer working, however they are reachable through old link to page.


  1. В преддверие к публикации нового диалекта структура сайта значительно изменилась. Так как большая часть старой информации стала неактуальной, многие страницы были перемещены в раздел Shadowlandian.

  2. Страница о диалектах была переписана.

  3. Словари были обновлены в соответствии с исходными книгами по MERP. Внимание! После переделки сайта старые прямые ссылки на файлы больше не работают, но их можно найти по старой ссылке на соответствующий раздел сайта.


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