Appendix B: Grammar quick overview

There are tables with basic grammar rules for Shadowlandian dialect. Svartiska and Horngoth use a little different ones, which can be found in English-Orkish dictionary.


Singular Plural suffix  Collective Plural
shara (a human), mau (warrior)

shara turu (many humans), mau krâk (five warriors)
-ûk, -hai
shara-hai (humans), maûk (all warriors)
consonant ending
duf (knife), hont (eye)
dufu (knives), hontu (eyes)
dufûk (all knives)
goiûk (all cities)
vowel ending
goi (city)
goiz (cities)



Singular Plural suffix  Examples
consonant ending -u ûsumu bûrzu (dark thoughts)
vowel ending -z urûk kûz (old orcs)


Degree Suffix Examples
Regular   gothûrz (powerful), kû (old)
Comparative -ar gothûrzar snû (more powerful than), kûar (elder)
Superative -az gothûrzaz (the most powerful), kûaz (the eldest)


Tense 1st, 2nd person 3rd person sing. 3rd person pl.
Infinitive -at -at -at
Present -at -ut
Future -ub -ubat -ubut
Past -uz -uzat -uzut


Tense Suffix
Present -ug
Past -uga

Word Order

1. Subject  2. Attribute  3. Predicate  4. Direct object  5. Indirect object  6. Adjunct 
n adj v n
n (+ prep)
pron (+ prep)
n + prep

Notice: if the subject is a pronoun then it is suffixed to the verb.


Yesterday the great warrior Uglakh brought the magical ring to his lord
6 2 1 3 4 5
Uglakh mau bûbhosh thrakuz nazg dushûrz gothtabu ârshlût

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Scatha  2014-09-24, 04:01:03

Has anyone here ever tried the lessons? I think some of them may need some corrections and updates.  Let me know your thoughts.

bjornaxen  2016-06-08, 09:43:39

The Swedish LARP-orcish Svartiska was not really created by a single LARP-group but by the community of orc-larpers where different groups created different dialects.

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