Songs by Manowar

While I'm not a fan of Manowar, many of their songs have lyrics which stereotypical orc might sing.

Black Wind, Fire and Steel

This song is taken from album “Fighting the World” (1987).

Full moon's light is calling me.
My kingdom lies within.
The mystic soul and lion's heart
Brought by the talisman.
The ecstasy of battle takes me
Where the falcons fly.
Immortal youth was granted me,
I will never die.

Born of Black Wind, Fire and Steel. (x2)
Born to teach them all to heel.
Black Wind, Fire and Steel.

Pounded by the hammers
Of the giants of the world.
I can see in darkness,
I'm the overlord.
Single combat I await,
My shadow brings them fear.
The spikes upon my chariot
Will grind them when they're near.


I am an outcast
On the path of no return.
Punisher and swordsman,
I was born to burn.
Black Wind always follows
Where my black horse rides.
Fire's in my soul,
Steel is on my side.


[repeat the last stance and Chorus]

Translation into Nûrlâm

“Ecstasy of battle” was translated as “Joy of battle”. “To heel” was translated as “to follow” which is… “hîl-” in Nûrlâm, borrowed from Quenya (probably Tolkien's play on words). “Chariot” was translated as “war cart” (“gothkorn”)


Ghâzh shilgûkob bugdâtiz.
Dab arnuzg kâtâ nâd.
Haug darnûrz agh tish rorob
Thrakaga falgundirzi.
Zrî dogrob norkâtiz
Amin skar skoirû.
Narmatûrz fîmurm throgâkuzâ dazûr,
Naril daghurub.

Nozdaga morzûlah, ghâshah agh yazgah. (x2)
Nozdaga gustatulûk hîlut.
Morzûl, ghâsh agh yazg.

Sudaga drangirzi
Nûrsob thardumob.
Dapâsh kinut burzor,
Dakul thumâgz.
Ash dogr dadarb,
Bathdab thragât takûr ufur.
Thurb gothkorndabir
Blûzubul amil tak mush.


Dakul hîgauk
Mûlir narkruskâtumob.
Danghal agh lagal,
Danozdâkuz ghâshat.
Morzûl ilûk hîlâ
Aminu morlûkhdab bamâ.
Ghâsh kulâ haugdabor,
Yazg kulâ rambdabir.


[repeat the last stance and Chorus]

Hail and Kill

This song is taken from album “Kings of Metal” (1988).

Brothers, I am calling from the valley of the kings.
With nothing to atone
A dark march lies ahead, together we will ride
Like thunder from the sky.
May your sword stay wet like a young girl in her prime.
Hold your hammers high!

Blood and death are waiting like a raven in the sky.
I was born to die.
Hear me while I live as I look into your eyes.
None shall hear a lie.
Power and dominion are taken by the will.
By divine right hail and kill!

Hail and Kill (x5)

My father was a wolf, I'm a kinsman of the slain
Sworn to rise again.
I will bring salvation, punishment and pain.
The hammer of hate is our faith.
Power and dominion are taken by the will.
By divine right hail and kill!


Rip their flesh,
Burn their hearts,
Stab them in their eyes,
Rape their women as they cry,
Kill their servants,
Burn their homes!
Till there's no blood left to spill,
Hail and Kill
Power and dominion are taken by the will.
By divine right hail and kill!

[Chorus x2]

Translation into Nûrlâm

“In her prime” was translated literally as “at flowering of her”. “By divine right” was transformed into “mogshirzi polmob” = “by right of (physical) force”.


Honk, dabugd nildumah arnob.
Sha narash paitat
Ash thûkhbûrz kâtâ dro, dakbamub sha
Oth zgu nûtumbo.
Gâkh gib lag irn mizg ash nizdfîmsi shi lûthautnab.
Mank gib drang târ!

Ghor agh gurz darbû kragsi nûtor.
Danozdâkuz ghurat.
Koziz kusn dakîb kusn dahon hontgibishi.
Nar maug khlârut ash prakh.
Polm agh bal kul snabuga dirbirzi.
Mogshirzi polmob, brosh agh dog!

Brosh agh dog! (x5)

Krankdab kuzâ harg, dakul ash nur dogaukob
Gazduga tulgat nokhar.
Dathrakub bharnurm, danghurm agh hrizg.
Drangum mogob kulâ samburm dakob.
Polm agh bal kul snabuga dirbirzi.
Mogshirzi polmob, brosh agh dog!


Khor hrau takob,
Ghâsh tish takob,
Akul hontishi takob,
Tram niz takob kusn tak blord,
Dog snaga takob,
Ghâsh ozd takob!
Zi nar ghorob smurbat,
Brosh agh dog!
Polm agh bal kul snabuga dirbirzi.
Mogshirzi polmob, brosh agh dog!

[Chorus x2]

Hand of Doom

The song is taken from album “Warriors of the World” (2002).

Hands of doom are reaching out to crush all infidels who stray.
Time to know the pain, no time to run within
And these hands you see before you will end the light of day.
Your ashes will be cast into the wind,
Your blood's upon the soil, your body fed to wolves.
Not one of you will be left alive
Hear the sound pounding and the army of the night
By the hammer of Thor you now shall die

Tonight we strike, there is thunder in the sky
Together we'll fight, some of us will die
But they'll always remember that we made a stand
And many will die by my hand

High atop the mountain, with hammers in the wind
Lusting for blood and death again
In a flash of lightning strike, now the house of death
Invites you body and soul to come within

I see the fear you have inside, you can run but never hide
I will hunt you down and tear you limb from limb
Nothing shall remain, not your memory, your name
It will be as though you never, ever lived

[Chorus and the last two verses repeated with little alterations]

Translation into Nûrlâm

“Hammer of Thor” may be replaced with just “the hammer” or “Grond” (hammer of Morgoth). “Infidels” was replaced with just “enemies”. “Stand” was taken literally.


Bazg dûmpob barlû barshat kuthûk amai gabû.
Il îstat hrizg, nar il khîgat nâd,
Agh gikinub za bazg ik gigorzub thîr ârshob.
Gib hîsht kubû afat zûlu,
Gib ghor ghâmpu, gib loik gazhkat hargu.
Narai gib kubû rangat kîbarz,
Khlâr rumb sudob agh khoth fughob,
Grondirzi gimaug zil ghurat

Shi za fugh dadrîgub, zgu kulâ khîlor.
Dakmaukubsha, mupsh ghurubû
Ap takbholub zamash dak krampuz ash bin,
Agh mak ghûrubû bazgirzi.

Târ tala rodum, drangsha zûlor,
Ghîrug ghorûr agh gurzûr nokhar
Rulzor drîgob aitob, rad gurzozd
Broskâ gib turm agh haug shiskat.
Dakin ufur nâd gib, gipâsh irzut ap narfauthut --
Dafarbubaf agh khorubaf ogz ogz bo
Narash maug irnut: nar bhûrmgib nar îzgib,
Za kub ghungsi gikîbuz naril

[Chorus and the last verse repeated with little alterations]


Taken from “Into Glory Ride” album (1983).

I taste your blood as it showers from my blade.
I eat your heart, from evil it was made.
With heart filled hatred black blood runs through my veins.
I take your powers to the ancient ones who reign.

I conquer evil, let evil know my name.
Come forth ye wicked, know the gruesome pain.
I am the omen, the one that cannot die
I am the flame, hatred burns inside.

My strength is hatred, torment and pain, HATRED, HATRED.
With heart filled hatred black blood runs through my veins.

I crush your bones, I kill your face
I rip your flesh, I end the chase
You meet with terror, you draw the ace
I rule the world the rats that race.

My strength is hatred, torment and pain, HATRED, HATRED
With heart filled hatred black blood runs through my veins.


Translation into Nûrlâm

The hero of the song fights the evil… by tormenting opponents and eating their hearts. So there is no need to change the text, as the perverted conception of Good and Evil suits Sauron's agenda perfectly. The word “draw the ace” was translated as “toss the one” (thus changing gambling cards with bones).


Dashaub ghorfib kusn maikdab bo tatibâ.
Dathrokh tishfib, za krampâkuz ulkah.
Sha tish gûkaga mogsha morghor sirâ râth as dab.
Danork balfib yû ashûr amai durbû.

Dapaik ulkum, dabh ulkum îstut dab îz.
Droskât, gi ulkûrz, îst bol hrizg.
Dakul faltan, zamash matut narpâsh
Dakul urush, mogum nâd ghâsh.

Polmdab kulâ mog, hrizgum agh nûl, MOGUM, MOGUM.
Sha tish gûkaga mogsha morghor sirâ râth as dab.

Dabarsh fib takh, dadog fib thak,
Dakhor hraufib, dagorz farbum,
Fitad sha gozd, fi af za ash,
Dadurb thardum, nikhum zîg hai.

Polmdab kulâ mog, hrizgum agh nûl, MOGUM, MOGUM.
Sha tish gûkaga mogsha morghor sirâ râth as dab.

Kill With Power

This song is taken from album “Hail to England” (1984)

Hear what's written on the wind
We come to kill and kill again
Our arrows fall like hail
Trample on the dead
Ride through the gate of clouds
Stand on the open step

Run berserk spreading fear and pain
Black shield and weapons, black our chain
None can harm us not their fire, iron or steel
For we have the will to power
With power we will kill

Kill with power! Die! die! (2x)

To the war God Odin you will pray
And the curse of weapons shall remain
On the blood of all our fathers
On their weapons we now swear
To avenge, not lament
Give the false ones death


In “The war god Odin” line the name “Odin” was dropped off, but as variant the whole phrase may be replaced with just name “Morgoth”. “Berserk” was translated with “hûr” (fierce, vigourous, fiery).

Translation into Nûrlâm


Khlâr amash kulâ zurbaga zûlir
Daskât dogat agh dogat nokhar
Dakob pîl lûmpû oth nigz
Badh matalumir
Bam hûmum shustob as
Bin badzûrz prakumir

Khîg hûrarz bûsnug ufur agh hrizg
Mor lâzg agh yak, mor gai dakob
Narash pâsh rulak, nar ghâsh takob, onk ogh yazg
Zârzamarz dakbrus dirbum balu
Balsha dakdogub

Dog balsha! Ghur, ghur! (2x)

Gigorthub (Balmâgzûr gothob / Morgothûr)
Agh skurm yakob maug irnut
Ghorsha krankobûk dakob
Yaksha takob dak gazd(r)ad
Grûthat, narnîthat
Throgat gurz prakhûrz (Balmâgzûr / Ashûr)

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