Litany against fear

The Litany against fear is an incanation of fictional Bene Gesserit order in Frank Herbert's “Dune” book series. It was taught by Lady Jessica to her son Paul Atreides to withstand the test by Agony Box with Gom Jabbar poison inside.

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

The List of required words

English Nûrlâm Etymology and comments
and agh TK, RI
be kul- LOS, compare with Quenya “cuilë” (life) < Etym. “KUY” (come to life, awake)
bring thrak- TK, RI
death gurz MERP, probably from Sindarin “gurth”
eye hont LOS < Quenya, Sindarin “hend” < Etym. “KHEN-D-E”
face tad- HORN < MERP “bartas” (brawl)
fear (n) ufur LOS “ufum” (fear), “ufur-” (to fear), “uf-” (to frighten)
fear (v) furg- NL, LOS “ufur-” + Quenya “þorya”
go ukh- LOS
used to translate “fear has gone”
bhan- more like “pass away”, “leave”
NL < Quenya “vanya”, “vana” < Etym. “WAN”, Quenya and Telerin “auta”
used to translate “go past”
I da HORN, Urartian “-də”
inner nâdûrz NL < MERP “nâdar” + Primitive Elvish “ndē̆”
it ta all dialects < EL “tak” (they), from Etym. “TA” (that), Qenya “ta” (that, it)
killer thrug MERP
little mik SV
me izish LOS
standalone colloquial pronoun is used because the verb has two objects with postpositions which cannot join the verb in such case
mind furm NL, merging LOS “frûm” < MERP < Albanian “frymë” with Quenya “fairë”, Sindarin “faer”
must maug- NL < Noldorin “bui” (I must), “baur” (need) < Etym. “MBAW” (compel, force, subject, oppress)
my dab Genitive case of “I” (= “da”)
not nar AN < TK interjection of disagreement
nothing narash NL, lit. “not one”
obliteration shoshurm NL “shosh-” (to remove, delete) < SV “shoshog-”
only tug EL
over thu LOS (more like “beyond”)
pass laut- NL < Quenya “lahta” < Primitive Elvish “LA”, “LAGH”
past hoirarz NL “hoir” (adj) < EH “hoir” (n)
path mûl LOS < Quenya “malle” (road) < Etym. “MBAL”
permit dabh- NL < Noldorin “dâf” (permission) < Etym. “DAB” (give way, make room, permit, allow);
requires object in dative case
remain irn- NL < Qenya “erin” (v) (remains)
see hon- LOS < Quenya “hen(d)”
that zamash NL, (relative clause)
there zîgin NL
through as LOS (more like “across”)
total ûk TK “all, completely, fully”
turn bhad- HORN
when amil NL, (relative)
where amin NL, (relative)

The Translation

Nûrlâm Gloss
Danarmaug furgut 1SG=NEG-must fear-INF
Ufur kulâ furmthrugum fear be-3SG mind=killer-DEF
Ufur kulâ gurzmikum zamash thrakâ shoshurmûk fear be-3SG death=little-DEF that bring-3SG obliteration=total
Datadub ufurdab 1SG=face-FUT fear=1SG.GEN
Dadabhub tazûr lautut izish thu agh izish as 1SG=permit-FUT 3SG-DAT pass-INF 1SG-ACC over and 1SG-ACC through
Agh amil tabhanuz hoirarz, dabhadub hontum nâdûrz honat mûltab and when 3SG=leave-PST past-ADV, 1SG=turn-FUT eye-DEF inner see-GERV path=3SG.GEN
Amin ufur ukhuzâ narash kubâ zîgin. Tug da irnub where fear go-PST-3SG nothing be.FUT-3SG there. Only 1SG remain-FUT
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