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Syntax and Word Order in Nûrlâm

This page is the hub for articles on syntax of Nûrlâm dialect.

Syntax is the study about how individual words and morphemes combine into larger units: words < phrases < clauses < sentences. This includes word order, word agreement, grammatical relations, agreement of larger structures.

In languages with Nominative-Accusative morphosyntactic alignment the subject is distinguished from object in any sentence despite the transitivity of verb in predicate. This distinction may be expressed by morphology and/or syntax. Majority of Indo-European languages are Nominative-Accusative, and Nûrlâm as well.

Declarative sentences

Declarative sentences are the most common type of sentences. They inform about some event or may describe an object. Declarative sentences do not require any action or response from listener.

The typical word order in standard Nûrlâm is Subject–Verb–Object (SVO). Indirect objects are placed after direct objects. Nouns in locative or marginal case are not objects but usually an adverbials, so they don't follow this word order.

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