The short “Orc-greeting” by “Andrew” (abbreviated as AN) was quoted by Elerrina in “Quettar” #16 (p.7, Decemeber 1982):

 Gaakh Golug narkuu gimbubut lat 

which translates as:

 May Noldor never find you

So here are the table for extrapolated words:

English Black Speech Etymology and Comments
find gimbubut from TK “gimb” + AN “-ub” future tense suffix + AN “-ut” 3rd person plural suffix
may gâkh AN, calque from Quenya word “nai”
never narkû AN, from TK “nar” (not) and “kû” (old)
Noldor golug UT
you lat AN

In Nûrlâm this phrase may be translated two ways:

  • “Gâkh Golug nargimbam naril” (double negation);
  • “Gâkh Golug nargimbam milkon” (lit. May Noldor not find you ever);
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