Suffix chain of verbs

Position Meaning
Standard Modern/colloquial speech
-4 person (subject/agent pronoun)
(da-, fi-, ta-)
-3 negation
-2 interrogative mood
-1 derivational prefix
(kru-, ri-, thu-)
0 root
1 passive voice marker
2 tense
(-ub, -uz)
subjunctive mood
suffixes of nonfinite forms
(infinitive or participles: -at, -ut, -ag, -uga, etc.)
3 number/3rd person clitic1)
(-â, -û)
number of participle
(-û, -z)
3a auxiliary suffix -t-
(used only between positions 2 and 3, 2 and 4, 2 and 5;
absent if position 2 is final)
4 object pronoun2) object pronoun3)
reflexive pronoun
cooperative marker
5 derivational suffix
(usually some clitic adverb or adposition)
6 aspect
(clitic adverb: -ûk, -ok, -âzh)
only when subject is not a personal pronoun, e.g. noun, relative or indefinite pronoun
only in accusative/objective or absolutive case
only with 3rd person accusative
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