Case suffixes

Case Abbreviation Ending I Ending II English translation
Nominative NOM -∅
Genitive GEN -ob -b of, 's
Dative DAT -ûr -zûr for, to (somebody)
Accusative ACC -∅
-ish -sh
Instrumental INS -irzi -rzi by, by means of, by use of, with use of, using, through (use of), via
Comitative COM -sha (together) with
Essive ESS -si similar to, as a …, like a …, -like
Ablative ABL -bo from, off
Adessive ADE -ir -zir on, on top of, at
Allative ALL -u -zu to, towards, upon, onto
Elative ELA -ah -zah from, out of
Illative ILL -ishi -shi into, inwards, inside, in, within
Inessive INE -or -zor at, in
Intrative ITRT -ri between, amidst, among
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