Declension classes

Class of declension in Nûrlâm affects the form of cases and in other dialects also plural number. This term is applicable mainly to nouns and pronouns but also to adjectives and even case postpositions. There are only two classes for all lexical categories:

I words ending with consonants
II words ending with vowels or diphtongs
noun case suffix plural form English translation
tark (I) -ob (I, GEN, “of”) tark-ob-û of men
tark (I) -ri (II, ITRT, “among”) tark-ri-z among men
mau (II) -ûr (I, DAT, “for”) mau-z-ûr-û for warriors
mau (II) -irzi (II, INS, “by”) mau-rzi-z by warriors

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