Appendix D: List Of Abbreviations

Tolkien Sources

AO 1st Age Angband Orkish
BOLT   Book Of Lost Tales
BS Black Speech
CBS Classical Black Speech
DBS Debased Black Speech
JRRT J. R. R. Tolkien
LOTR   Lord Of The Rings
PN Personal name
SD Sauron Defeated
TH The Hobbit
TK J. R. R. Tolkien

Other Inventors

7N Seventh Nazgul
AA A. Appleyard
AN Andrew
BA Björn Axén, author of Zhâburi dialect
depr deprecated word (usually taken from real world languages)
DS David Salo, a linguist who worked on the languages of J.R.R. Tolkien for the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy and The Hobbit
EH Unnamed compilative dialect by unknown linguist from page http://elhath.tripod.com/powl.htm
EL Elerrina, probably the author of full Ring Verse translation into Black Speech
HG Horngoth Orkish
HORN  Horngoth Orkish
LL Lalaith (aka The List Goddess), author of Olympic Verse translation
LOS Mordor, Land Of Shadow Message Board
LP LOTR Fanatics Plaza forum
LUG Lugrekh
MB Mugbûrz Orkish
MERP Middle-Earth Role Play
MK Matilda Koren, contributor to Zhâburi dialects
ON Orcish Nations site. The host of MERP dialect
RE Rob Eaglestone, author of Horngoth Orkish
SN The Second Nazgul
SOW Middle-Earth: Shadow of War computer game, words invented by David Salo
Summoning   Summoning – Mirdautas Vras song
SV Svartiska Orkish
TAD TwoAxesDwarf
ULK Ulkgashnog
UNF Un4givenOrc
UTL Utumno LARP. See SV
ZA Dialect “Zhâburi A”
ZB Dialect “Zhâburi B”
ZF Za Frûmi music band
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