* Lesson XI – Adverbs, Gerund

This and following lessons marked with asterisk * are written by me. They are based on suffix table, some comments from The Land Of Shadow's forum or were made from scratch.


LOS dictionary has a lack of adverbs. But you can create them easily by adding suffix -arz to any word stem. If the source word is an adjective with -ûrz suffix, then this suffix shall be changed to -arz. For example, adverb made from skrithûrz (cruel) is “skritharz” = cruelly.

I haven't seen any rules about word order in sentences with adverbs. But, as general rule says, they shall be placed after the words they modify, i.e. after the verbs, or in the end of sentence as in English. Here is an example:

Orcs will quickly kill the stupid elves
Urûk azubut hîsarz golug globûrzu*
Urûk azubut golug globûrzu hîsarz*

Notice: these sentences are the very good example of translating from context. The words “orc” and “elf” have no plural number form in Black Speech. But the suffix -ut in azubut tells us about large quantity of orcs, and the plural form of adjective “globûrzu” hints that there is more than one elf to be killed.


Gerund in Black Speech is like a noun meaning process. It's formed by adding suffix -ugum. Despite similarity to nouns Gerund doesn't have plural form. I'll give you a lot of examples but my advice is to use infinitive instead. Gerund in Black Speech doesn't have perfect or passive forms, so they must be replaced with dependent clauses.


Glûgum narkulat lâthuga tul*
Pissing is not allowed here!

Îst-izg galgakh oghumu râz zaûgum-ob golug-hai**
I know 13 different ways of cooking elves

Gor-tab kulat azugum
His job is killing

Za shapat bolkat dûthugum
This sword needs cleaning

Uruk gashnuzut hoitugum-gus akashuga-hai
Orcs spoke about hunting hobbits

Gathrok duluglab ukhugum-ik u tauz golugûrz
Prepare your weapon before going to Elven forests

Brogbat-ta kulat thupuga pulum-kusn***
He likes being whipped during sex

* Word glu- plus -ugum suffix made one long û. See Lesson XV for more information on Passive Voice.

** I have to invent new words. The word “way” was already in dictionary but it was the same as conjuction “or”, so I've decided to add suffix -um to ogh for clearance. The word râz (“different”) is from Svartiska and Horngoth.

*** This is an example of translating passive gerund of English sentence as infinitive in Black Speech (literally “He likes to be whipped...”).

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