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Inspired by Horngoth's orcish version of the conversation between Gorbag agh Shagrat I started to translate the original English to Orcish but run soon into trouble.

The first dialogue goes: "Hola! Gorbag! What are you doing up here? Had enough of war already?"

It's the final sentence which is a question that I find problematic because I don't understand how that kind of question is formulated. In Svartiska it's quite easy because you can always use the question particle 'ur' to mark the sentence as a question.

"In questions the word order can be either the  reversed (as in Swedish). Ex. Gonat gur lat? “Do I see you?”or with with question particle ‘ur’. With ‘ur’ the word order can either be the normal SVO or the reversed VSO. Ex. Ur gur gonat lat? (“what/do” I  see you) or Ur gonat gur lat? (“what”/do see I you)." In my opinion it ought to the normal word order SVO.

So: Ur dok thlûk lat uga-ush? "what already enough you had-fight?" (You already had enough fight?).

The problem I have with the LoS-dialect is that there are several question words but none of them seems appropriate for this kind of question. Which of these question words are one supposed to use in this sentence.

Vocabulary – list of question words
what? - mash
when? -mukh
where? -mal
which? - mut
who?    - mirz
whose?- mirzob / mob
why?    - mat
how?- mol

In Horngoth the verb brus- "to have" and the sentence seems to depend on word order (a germanic speciality if I understand i correctly) and the lessons don't mention word order as a way to construct questions. So if we don't want word order to be the question marker then we need some kind of word for it.

The third sentence "What are you doing up here?" is problematic as well but it is more clear that that one ought to use "what? - mash?" Which gives us a sentence very similar to Horngoth "Mash krampug-lat sûr-tul." (what doing-you up-here).

Here I had a bit trouble figuring out how to construct "upp here" and I settled with a new adverb constructed by the two adverbs "sûr" and "tul" and joining them in the same order as in English.


Re: A question on questions

Lesson XIV contains information about questions by The Land Of Shadow forum contributor Lugrekh.

"Had enough of war already?" - I think it's General question. Word order is SVO. LOS have similar question word "mar". It's supposed to be placed just before the verb, but I think it's not a strict rule.
Auxiliary verbs are not translated into Shadowlandian Black Speech. But in "Had enough..." it's not an auxiliary verb but an expression which hasn't got a translation. Also I've found translation for "already" in Horngoth only.
If we keep word-to-word translation then it should sound like "Mar brusuz(lat) thlûk mazauk-ob dok" in LOS:
(Lat) - omitted as "You" in English, can also be placed after verb's tense suffix
Mar - question word
brusuz - past tense of "have"
thlûk - enough
mazauk-ob - of war
dok - already (in Horngoth dialect)

Maybe word order for "up here" translation should be like "here-up"