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On the Svartiska

"Svartiska is the dialect of Swedish roleplayers. It was created by Mikael “Adragoor” Bynke in the late 1990's, so it's the oldest surviving Black Speech version nowdays. Its name is translated from Swedish as “blackish”."

Adragoor didn't invent it but collected different dialects and tried to systemize the language. I first encountered it in 1997 and it was a couple of years old then.


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The first Swedish LARP that I know of were the Svartiska was used was "Trenne Byar" (Three Villages) in 1994. Here are some infomation of that event:



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The link explains that setting was not Tolkienish... so was the language


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The setting for the LARP Utumno was Tolkien though for which I developed Zhâburi

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And yes the Swedish LARP-orcish is not really Tolkienish but general fantasy inspired by Tolkien but there has always been a connection to Tolkien in the spirit of the language. The Swedish LARPs don't have any common world so the Tolkien Middle Earth became the focus point and inspiration for the Svartiska.

The Svartiska was for example used as Tolkien orcish in the LARP "I skuggan av Ringen" (In the Shadow of the Ring) in 2002.


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There are two versions of Zhâburi. First the one I developed for the Tolkien LARP Utumno, now called Zhâburi A. This one is quite complete but I haven't translated the word list from Swedish yet. But you can use all the Svartiska words just change all 'e's to 'i's and all 'j's to 'zh's. Then there is a second version that started on which I call Zhâburi B which is under construction.

Zhâburi A has quite much in common with Svartiska and can be said to be Svartiska inspired by Nemirovsky's analysis of BS as inspired by Hurrian.

Zhâburi B on the other hand is much closer to Hurrian and much more complex than Zhâburi A and the connections to Svartiska is much weaker and the more I work on it the weaker that connection gets. The main idea for Zhâburi B is to draw inspiration for grammar (the skeleton) from Hurrian but words (the flesh) from the languages of Arda.

I have summarised  Zhâburi A here: https://zhaaburi.wordpress.com/zhaburi-a/

Most of the page is dedicated to Zhâburi B  https://zhaaburi.wordpress.com/


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I've found a forum post by Adragoor stating that Trenne Byar's Svartiska was a "rip-off". Therefore Svartiska is even older than from 1994


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Interesting but not surprising. It shares some similarities with the Appleyard dialect.