Topic: Help with black speech translation

I'm trying to translate:

Nine... were gifted to the race of men, who above all else, desire power.

So far i have 2 close attempts:

Krith… kuluz thrakuz rak shara-ob, amirz uluk-tala, nargzab fuk.


Krith... kuluz thrakuz rakobshara-u, amirz ulûk-tala, nargzab fuk.

If there's anything that needs to be added or changed completely, let me know. Thanks!

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Re: Help with black speech translation

Nice attempt!

  • If we want calque of English grammar then "were gifted" is Passive Voice, Past Tense, so "gifted" is Participle II and it's translation will be "thrakuga". Don't forget 3rd person plural suffix -ut, so "kuluz" transforms into "kuluzut". There is a shorter way to say this using passive suffix -ag, so "were gifted" can be translated as "thrakaguzut", but this option is new invention for this site and I'm going to abandon it (I'm working on new Black Speech dialect).

  • "Race of men" can be translated just as "Shara-hai" if you are satisfied with classical interpretation of "-hai" suffix as "folk, people, race".

  • "above all else" can be shortened to "ûk-tala" or "tala ûk"

  • Again, don't forget 3rd person suffix for "nargzabat"

  • "Power" is translated as "gothum", while "fuk" is the word from Svartiska dialect in which the whole sentence will be completely different.

Finally, corrected version of translation:

Krith… kuluzut thrakuga u shara-hai amirz tala ûk nargzabat gothum