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BSSScribe aka "Black Speech School's (trans)scriber" is tool intended to properly transcribe Black Speech into Tengwar and Cirth according to Amanye Tenceli description. However it can transcribe also Quenya and Sindarin. Moreover, it supports transcribing Slavic languages using Cyrillic script into Tengwar and Glagolica! Documentation.

BSSScribe, сокращение от "Black Speech School's (trans)scriber" - это онлайн-утилита предназначенная для правильной транскрипции Чёрного Наречия в Тенгвар и Кирт согласно описанию на сайте Amanye Tenceli. Но позже были добавлены возможности по транскрипции Квеньи и Синдарина. Более того, поддерживается транскрипция славянских языков, записанных кириллицей в Тенгвар и Глаголицу! Документация.

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fixed a bug with labialization diacritic wrongly appearing in Black Speech mode of Tengwar


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  • English orthographic mode is now available for public (the result is often still worse than Tecendil)

  • Glagolitic mode now understands Latin script (e.g. for Polish)

  • Now you can copy page's URL to share result!


  • Crash when placing tehtar over forced sa-rince in Quenya mode

  • Better rendering of tehtar over sa-rince in all modes

  • Fixed tehtar rendering over alternate osse (with stroke)

  • other minor rendering improvements


Re: BSSScribe


  • Wrong transcribing of "x" in English and Quenya modes, broken in previous updates

  • S-hooks: better placement in automatic mode, better rendering of preceding tengwar with hooks in both manual and automatic modes.

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Re: BSSScribe


  • Experimental support for Unicode CSUR encoding for Tengwar (currently only with two fonts: Alcarin and Artano)

  • UNFINISHED and BUGGY support for raw tengwar names, which will be compatible with Glaemscribe and Tecendil syntax

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Re: BSSScribe


  • FreeMonoTengwar font (CSUR encoding)


  • Rendering of nasalized consonants in CSUR encoding

  • There were tehtar options in Glagolitic mode - now hidden

  • Line-interval with Artano font

  • Raw syntax was improved (still not finished)


Re: BSSScribe


  • Support for CSUR encoding for Cirth

  • Added fonts Constructium and FairFaxHD that support both Tengwar and Cirth encoded in CSUR

  • Tengwar Artano font was updated