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I am developing an Orcish dialect that I call Angband Orcish. It's based on Primitive Elvish/Quendian and the idea is that is the language that Sauron use as the base for his Black Speech. So my Angband Orcish functions as the base for Zhâburi, my variant/dialect of the Black Speech. I have now got so far that I could construct a sentence in Angband Orcish.

The sentence is a translation of the famous Quenya greeting Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo “a star shines on the hour of our meeting".

Zhán shila zhúm-da banar-ghu dimba

Zhán shila zhúm-shi banar-ghu dimba.

Here is a explanation of it
https://zhaaburi.wordpress.com/2020/05/ … r-meeting/

Here is a link to a fuller description on Angband Orcish


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In Shadowlandian:

Ilz drauat sib-shi traf-ob izubu


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Here is the same sentence in Zhâburi B

Zhân shilugar zhûm-ishi banar-bak’khu

A star shines [repeatedly; usually] on the hour of our meeting

zhân “star”
shil- “shine”; -u- intransitive; -g present tense; -ar iterative aspect, marking that this is usually the case.
zhûm”hour”, “time”
-ishi “on the”
banar “meeting”
-bak “our” (1 person inclusive)
–khu “of”, genitive

https://zhaaburi.wordpress.com/2020/05/ … r-meeting/


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Un4givenOrc wrote:

In Shadowlandian:

Ilz drauat sib-shi traf-ob izubu

I saw that I already mentioned it but 'traf' really stands out here for me being so similar to Swedish 'träff'.


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"traf" may be replaced with "shrak" (gathering)


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Yes or one can use the RN word derived from it " shrakhum" which I did in my Svartiska version

Ash ûlûrag shakalogat za-ilûsh gurobi shrakhumob

Ash "one/a"
ûlûrag "star"
shakalogat "shine"
za-ilûsh "on the time" locative
gurobi "our"
shrakhumob "of meeting" genitive