Topic: Translation help

Can someone tell me whether or not this is correct?

Fûth agh nakrum, krov ob grishan-izub.
"Awake and drink, blood of my blood!"

1. n- to do, akrum n. to drink (preferred it to paw because nakrum has a much better ring to it, pun not intended).
2. Does krov ob krov sound a little redundant? And is -izub in the right place?

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Re: Translation help

Usually orcs do not think about correctness wink

I remind you not to mix dictionaries unless words are missing.
1) No need to add "to do", just there is a verb "to drink" (akr-) in dictionary.
2) In English you have blood two times, why use synonyms in Black Speech?

a) Fûth agh akr, grish grish-izubob (yes, doesn't sound well)
b) Fûth agh akr, grish ob izub grish (Debased Black Speech is better here)