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I have devised several writing systems for Svartiska and Zhâburi

• Mâshur or Maushur - a corrupted variant of Tengwar: … of-mordor/

• Kirkhi – Runes of Mordor - based on Mâshur: … of-mordor/

• Angerthas Mordor – Elven runes, Cirth, based on the Dwarven variant Angerthas Moria: … of-mordor/

• Za Maush - a writing system for Svartiska, not specifically created for Tolkien's Middle Earth and not related to Tolkien's writing system even though it's slightly inspired by Tengwar: … jpg?w=1000


On alphabets it's  written "In all sources Black Speech is written in Roman alphabet". This is plainly wrong - the ring inscription is in tengwar.


Feel free to discuss possible Black Speech alphabets

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