If you like (and if it is enabled), the forum can convert a selection of smilies to image representations of those smilies. This forum recognizes the smilies listed below and replaces them with images.

:) and :-) smile.png
=) and ^_^ happy.png
:| and :-| and =| neutral.png
:( and :-( and =( sad.png
:D and :-D and =D big_smile.png
:o and :-o yikes.png
:O and :-O big_yikes.png
O_O big_eyes.png
;) and ;-) wink.png
:/ and :-/ tired2.png
:\ and :-\ tired1.png
:-$ hmm.png
%) mad2.png
:P and :p and :-P and :-p tongue.png
:'( tears.png
8) and 8-) and :cool: cool.png
>:( and :-E and :mad: mad.png
:flush: and =^_^= flush.png
:lol: lol.png
:rolleyes: roll.png
:orc: orc.png
:happyorc: orc_happy.png